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Your love journey so far, current moment, the lessons learned and what to expect from the future!

  • 45 min
  • 219 Reais brasileiros

Service Description

What to Expect: 🌈 Holistic Approach: I seamlessly weave together feminist principles and social awareness to provide a holistic understanding of your life struggles. 🔮 Insightful Revelations: Explore the depths of your emotions, romantic relationships, friendships, and past traumas with profound insights that resonate with your unique journey. 💖 Love and Empathy: Experience a reading grounded in love and empathy, fostering a safe space for self-reflection and healing. Aspects to be analyzed: 1. the moment you're in right now in your love journey 2. what is blocking you from getting out of it or releasing something 3. what happened in your past 4. what is in your subconscious mind 5. what are you thinking rationally 6. what is probably going to happen in your future if you don't unlock what's needed now 7. what are you feeling 8. what are the actions of other people making you feel 9. what are your fears 10. what are your expectations 11. what's the possible outcome for this situation ⭐️ Session Highlights: * Navigate the complexities of romantic relationships, focusing on communication, mutual growth, and fostering healthy connections. * Explore the dynamics of your relartionships, seeking connections that resonate with your values and aspirations, and understanding the roles they play in your life and the lessons they bring. * Address and heal from past traumas, as our expert guides you through a compassionate exploration of your emotional landscape. * Approach the issues with sensitivity and support, creating a safe space for healing and release. * Utilize the tarot as a tool for introspection, offering a pathway to understanding and overcoming emotional wounds. * Receive guidance on particular questions or general life themes, promoting clarity and direction. * Co-create a roadmap for navigating life's complexities, utilizing the wisdom of tarot to enhance self-awareness. * Uncover the narratives within the tarot deck that align with your personal journey. * Address social issues with a feminist approach, fostering a deeper understanding of your unique experiences. * Benefit from my extensive knowledge in psychology, sociology, and tarot symbolism. * Merge ancient wisdom with contemporary insights for a comprehensive understanding of your journey and personal growth. 🌟 Book Your Session Today and Illuminate Your Path with Wisdom and Compassion! 🌟

Cancellation Policy

- When confirming your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions, which you must follow promptly. - Our website is 100% reliable and guarantees the confidentiality of your data. - Provision of spiritual, esoteric, intuitive and therapeutic services is offered for entertainment purposes only. - ISA ON A TRIP or Isabella as a person do not have any responsibility for any decisions you make or fail to make based on the experience of the contracted service, nor for the results and consequences of these choices. 1H VIDEO CALL: *Service will be provided via Zoom, with a 10-minute tolerance for delay If there is a no-show or delay fo more than 10min, without prior notice of at least 24 hours, there will be no possibility of refund or rescheduling, as the time reserved in the schedule is yours. OTHER READINGS: *The reading will be sent in audio format with pictures of the cards by e-mail or whatsapp *There is no possibility of refund or rescheduling the session once it is booked


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