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Unveiling the Impact of Marketing, Advertising, and Capitalism on Women's Identity and Human Rights

  • 2 hours
  • 3.000 Reais brasileiros

Service Description

Join us for a lively and insightful lecture as we unravel the captivating dance between feminism, marketing, and capitalism. Guided by a seasoned feminist with over 8 years of experience teaching beginners the ropes of feminist theory and more than a decade in the adrenaline-fueled world of advertising, this session promises an engaging exploration of women's lives in the marketplace. From vintage ads to viral campaigns, we'll dissect the evolution of marketing strategies and their impact on how women see themselves. We examine how societal expectations, perpetuated through carefully crafted images and messages, often dictate not only beauty standards but also the way women perceive their roles in the world. As we navigate the dynamic intersections of consumer culture and feminism, we aim to unravel the layers that contribute to shaping women's understanding of themselves and their human rights. The lecture also delves into the symbiotic relationship between capitalism and the commodification of femininity. As consumer culture continues to thrive, we explore how women are both targeted and empowered by the marketplace. This discussion extends to the economic implications of gendered marketing and its role in reinforcing or challenging gender inequalities. Don't miss this chance to gain a fresh perspective from a dynamic feminist speaker. With humor and expertise, Isa will guide you through the labyrinth of marketing, advertising, and capitalism, leaving you with a newfound understanding of women's agency and the potential for change in today's fast-paced world. By understanding these dynamics, we can foster critical thinking, encourage activism, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about women's rights in the context of a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Cancellation Policy

- When confirming your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions, which you must follow promptly. - Our website is 100% reliable and guarantees the confidentiality of your data. - Cancellation is not permited.


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