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Patriarchy Unveiled: A Rollercoaster Ride Through Time

  • 2 hours
  • 3.000 Reais brasileiros

Service Description

Get ready for an unforgettable journey with Isa, a rockstar feminist activist with over 8 years of experience shaking up the world by teaching feminist theory! Join us for a mind-bending lecture, "What is Patriarchy?" where Isa takes the stage to unravel the twisted tale of how patriarchy became the most powerful oppression system we know. Isa doesn't do boring lectures. This is a high-energy, fun-filled exploration into the roots of patriarchy. Isa's unique approach makes feminist theory as accessible as your favorite podcast, and she's here to break it down for everyone. Expect a wild ride through history – Isa will spill the tea on how patriarchy started and, more importantly, how it evolved into the crazy beast we're dealing with today. Forget the jargon; Isa's got the keys to unlock the secrets of feminist theory in a way that makes you go, "Aha! I get it now!" But it's not just about theory – Isa will connect the dots between the past and present, revealing how patriarchy affects real lives. Get ready for some jaw-dropping moments as Isa lays out the scoop on the impact of this patriarchal rollercoaster on women everywhere. This is not your average lecture! Isa's passion and acid sense of humor will keep you on the edge of your seat, and by the end, you'll be walking away with a newfound appreciation for feminist theory, a smile on your face and the necessary energy to be the change. Isa's love for engaging with her audience goes beyond the stage; it extends into the heart of her Q&A sessions, where she transforms each question into an opportunity for connection and understanding. Her passion for fostering dialogue and dismantling barriers is evident in the way she approaches every inquiry with a unique blend of empathy and patience. When the audience steps up with their burning questions, Isa doesn't just provide answers; she creates a space where everyone feels heard and valued. Her genuine enthusiasm for sharing knowledge is matched only by her commitment to ensuring that no question is left unanswered. Isa's patience becomes a guiding force, allowing her to navigate complex concepts and break them down into digestible bits, ensuring that every participant feels included in the conversation. Her responses are not just informative but are delivered with a warmth that encourages further exploration and understanding. Come hang out with Isa and uncover the secrets of patriarchy in a way that's as entertaining as it is enlightening.

Cancellation Policy

- When confirming your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions, which you must follow promptly. - Our website is 100% reliable and guarantees the confidentiality of your data. - Cancellation is not permited.


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