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Uber in Bangu

Project type

Influencer Marketing






Project Manager

Uber is a very interesting public mobility solution for big cities, because it democratizes the access to a more comfortable way transport, especially in Brazil, where cars are inaccessible goods for the vast majority of people.

Despite being a great success in the country's capitals and main cities, Uber took a long time to make its services available in marginalized areas, such as Bangu, in Rio de Janeiro.

In this campaign, we found influencers who spoke specifically to the population of this community to communicate that Uber would finally be available for them too.

It was a meticulous curation task, as pop culture and lifestyle influencers, who have the greatest reach in the country, do not interact with the reality of the campaign's audience.

We had to carry out a specific study and understand the day-to-day life of the population of Bangu, in order to find the people who are local references, such as radio show presenters, influencers focused on content about life in the marginalized areas, etc.

The campaign was a success and both us and the users were very happy.

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