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Full Rebranding





Client's Feedback

"It's even bizarre how you managed to transcribe and write in such a beautiful, succinct and wonderful way everything I really wanted for our company, you know? It's kind of magical to see this happening. I have no words!"


Graphic Design, UX designer, Creative Strategist

Leading the REWILD project was incredibly rewarding. The client already had a company established, a name, a visual identity, and a big dream.

To ensure a smooth rebranding process, we conducted a series of collaborative activities. These activities helped us gain valuable insights, which we then compiled into a clear and compelling brand discovery presentation. This presentation served as a roadmap, aligning our understanding of the company's values and translating them into a brand strategy.

Our first step was to address the brand name. While the original name held significant meaning for the client, it lacked clarity and memorability for the public. We knew a change was necessary.

The new name emerged organically from this process, perfectly capturing the essence of the client's vision. It reflects their commitment to sustainable, personalized guided tours in Iceland, honoring both the local nature and culture while creating unforgettable memories for their guests.

We then translated this brand essence into a visually stunning logo. The "W" cleverly represents winding mountain roads, extending beyond the logo's square form. This symbolizes the personalized nature of their tours, designed to exceed expectations and cater to individual needs.

The color palette draws inspiration from Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, incorporating the cool tones of the glaciers, the earthy hues of the rocks, and the verdant greens of the moss.

The final piece of the puzzle was a brand new website and social media refresh. We introduced the new visual identity across all their social media profiles and got to work crafting engaging content specifically tailored for Instagram.

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