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Nestlé - Baton's Easter

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Influencer MArketing






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The biggest legal challenge in a campaign with influencers. Nestlé hired us to carry out an Easter campaign for the product “Baton”, a chocolate that is very popular amongst children, which has launched numerous iconic advertising campaigns since the 90s.

The goal of this campaign was to reach children, however Brazilian legislation does not allow any type of advertising for children. In this case, we had to find influencers on YouTube who create content for children - which wouldn't be difficult, since there are many children with channels on the platform - but these influencers would have to be adults.

Taking all the possible care to ensure the quality and safety of the content, in addition to complying with all legal requirements for the type of product, we didn't have many options. Furthermore, we needed to guarantee the highest possible delivery within the budget provided by the client.

Having exhausted our options, we narrowed our options to 3 influencers. One of them, Roni Ficher, was new to the platform but had impressive engagement, because he worked in partnerships with Lucas Netto (the biggest kids influencer in Brazil, whose budget was far beyond the budget we had for the campaign).

Our partnership with Roni was perfect, as he added a brand like Nestlé to his portfolio, and we delivered more than 1.5 million views to the client for less than USD900.

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