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Graphic Designer

Picture this: a badass female entrepreneur with a killer healthcare clinic concept stuck in logo purgatory. Eight. Freaking. Months.
The first designer sent her a festival of logo options that clashed harder than cymbals at a mime convention with her clinic's vibe. Think of an "organic Nordic" meets "90's beauty salon" vibe. She paid for the job in advance and was devastated.

Rescue this project from the land of bad design and launch it into logo legend status. The brief? Clean, modern, easy on the eyes (and the decision-making process). Plus, it had to seamlessly flow with the clinic's already-designed Nordic oasis. Did I mention she had a specific color palette in mind? Crystal clear. Pressure? You bet.

I created a personalized font and drafted the first logo iteration in, like, two hours flat – just to see if we were on the right track. (Spoiler alert: we were.) Polished it up, threw in some killer brand guidelines for good measure, and voila! Client. Obsessed.

This project went from disaster zone to launchpad in record time. Why? Because sometimes all it takes is fresh eyes, a little design magic, and the ability to listen to what the client actually needs. No more waiting, no more logo limbo – just a brand identity that perfectly complements her space and sets the stage for success. Now that's what I call a win-win.

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