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Reputation Crisis Management






Junior Reputation Crisis Manager

GOL is the largest airline in Brazil. It has 37.7% of the domestic market and 3.8% of the international market in terms of passenger kilometers flown.

When I worked in GOL's Crisis Prevention and Management team, as the responsible for the digital monitoring of the brand's reputation, those were difficult times for airlines to give passengers any sense of security. The crashes of GOL 1907, TAM 3054, Air France 447 were still relatively fresh in people's minds, and MH730 created even more panic.

Even though these crashes happened many years before and were no longer in the news, through the analysis of general public social media posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it was possible to understand that at that point people trusted the safety of airplanes so little that it became a joke - or as we say: a meme.

We used our weekly and monthly reports to work with the creative team in developing a social media content strategy with a more relaxed and human vibe that showed the real people who work and fly on GOL's airplanes every day. Also, some photos of the maintenance hangar were added to the content, to assure customers that the airplanes were taken care of and prepared
to fly safely.

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