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Akzonobel - Coral Paints

Project type

Reputation Crisis Management






Junior Reputation Crisis Manager

Working in Akzonobel's (Coral Paints), Crisis Prevention and Management team, also as the responsible for the digital monitoring of the brand's reputation, I faced a very interesting challenge.

Luciano Huck is the most famous TV show presenter in Brazil, and in his show he copies some of the most popular models from the US TV. One of them was ”Lar Doce Lar” (”Home sweet home"), in which he would do a makeover on someone's house. In order to be “blessed” with the redoing of their homes, the participants had to write letters telling the saddest possible stories, hoping they would touch the TV show's production team (or in their minds, Luciano himself) enough to be chosen. Of course these shows were sponsored by brands, and one of the sponsors was our direct competitor.

Analysing the reports from social media, we came to understand that in people's minds, because of what we then started to call ”The Luciano Huckization of consume", paints in general could be earned instead of bought. All you needed to do was to make sure the brand would know how much you deserved it - it was a real sad storytelling competition in the comment section of every social media post we shared.

The strategy was to relate the brand to street art and decorative creative painting, and not so much to the regular home painting anymore.

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