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Brands? I dissect 'em. And build 'em better.

Over more than a decade of experience has made me a branding chameleon. I can tackle any visual style and craft copy that cuts through the noise. User experience and organic growth are my jam – I see the big picture and make sure every detail drives results.

Big agencies and multinationals were my training ground for too long, but now I crave a different kind of fire. I work freelance and on contracts, but only with brands that align with my values and make a positive impact on society.

Building a brand is like building a friendship – you gotta care! I get fired up about seeing my clients THRIVE. Their success is my victory dance (don't ever forget I'm from Brazil). Knowing they trust me with their dreams is the ultimate compliment, and I take that very seriously.

Join me on this trip and let's build brands that win and change the world, together. All at the same time!

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